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Overview of Grenada

By Air

The modern airport accommodates long haul international flights including British Airways and Virgin Atlantic from London, American Airlines from Miami, Delta and Caribbean Airlines from JFK and Atlanta , Air Canada and Caribbean Airlines from Toronto, Conviasa from Venezuela. Liat and SVG provide regional, inter island flights. SVG also handle all private jets. A VIP airport arrival and departure service is available upon request. Grenada also has a modern FBO to handle all incoming and outgoing private jet traffic.

By Sea

St. George’s picturesque harbour is a port of call for yachts and many inter island ferrys. The world-class Port Louis Mega Yacht Marina accepts yachts up to 120 meters with full customs and immigration. The marina offers 5-star services.

Land & Climate

This tropical Island is at the southern end of the Caribbean and the beautiful Grenadine Islands. Southwest of Barbados at 12 07 North and 61 40 West Grenada is Outside the Hurricane Belt. The total land area is 344 sq km with 121 km of coastline. This tropical “Spice Island” has rain forests, hot sulphur springs, rivers and waterfalls, beautiful beaches and the crystal clear azure of the Caribbean Sea. Tempered by the north-east trade winds with an average constant temperature in high 20’s; the green and floral island of Grenada is enjoyable every month of the year. The interior mountains are cooler. Grenada has a distinct advantage over the N. Caribbean islands in having, an equitable all year round climate.