Citizenship Legislation FAQ

What documents do I need to prepare?

These are all listed in the application pack which will be provided to you upon request.

If I change my mind after transferring the purchase price will I get a refund?

No, once you have made your application you are fully committed.

Who will manage the property?

The business is currently managed by the Port Louis Trading Limited.

As the property is part of an hotel operation, can I still use the property at any time myself?

Yes, you can book it and use it and you will receive an owners discount on the resort rates at that time.

Does citizenship extend to my spouse and children?

Yes, citizenship is extended to your wife, dependent children under 26 years and dependent parents. Fees for family members are provided with the application form.

How many years is the passport valid?

All Grenadian and other C.E.C. passports are valid for five years and are renewable thereafter.

How do I renew my passport when it expires?

It can be renewed through the Grenadian consulate in London or directly through the Grenada passport and Immigration office and through local lawyers without the need to travel.

How can I be sure that my passport will be renewed upon expiry?

As part of the laws of Grenada, citizens are entitled to a passport and cannot be denied this.

Do I need an address in Grenada if I renew my passport and I have already sold the property?

No – you would just give the address of your principal residence.

What is the process for Citizenship by Investment?

An application must be completed and submitted with the required documentation, the investment funds transferred to the escrow account and a condominium agreement executed for the purchase of the property under the Citizenship by Investment program.

Is the property freehold?

The property affords title through a condominium document, freehold would suggest you own the land whereas a Condominium document transfers title of a specific building or unit within a building to the investor

When can I sell my property?

There is a mandatory 5 year holding period after which you are at liberty to sell your property or you may decide to keep it as a rental property with a potential income stream

If I sell my property, do I need to renounce citizenship?

No, the citizenship is yours for life.

Would the new owner of my property have the right to apply for citizenship?

Yes, subject to Government terms and conditions at that time.

Are there annual management fees for the property?

Condominium owners are not responsible for annual management fees, capital calls or any other costs of owing the unit during the mandated 5 year holding period. After such time expires then the owners become liable for any and all attributable associated costs but also any associated revenues that may be generated, until the property is sold

After being approved for Citizenship are there any taxes that I need to pay?

No, as a shareholder you are not liable for any individual taxes in Grenada.

What criteria will be used to issue a passport?

The passport can be delivered to your attorney in Grenada who can then courier it to you. There is no need to visit Grenada to collect it..

Is the Citizenship by Investment Act part of Grenadian legislation?

The Citizenship By Investment Act is part of the Grenadian legislation. The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act 15, 2013.

Is this legislation documented?

The legislation is documented and is part of the laws of Grenada having been passed by Parliament.

As a citizen of Grenada, do I have to live in Grenada?

No you do not.